I feel like if we can each find the thing in the world that we can act on, no matter how big or small, then we should act on it. That’s what we do here.”


The Purpose

From its sunlit studio in Burleigh, THE LOVE OF GRACE orchestrates a world of customised luxury, driven by ethics and creativity. It is inspired by Parisian style, immersed in relaxed Queensland culture, handmade by Australian makers, and designed by a collective of Australia’s leading creative talent. 

Our mission is to make beautiful, limited luxe dresses that women can wear on numerous occasions, season after season. We are women dressing women and meticulously create and beautifully master dresses to fit and move with you.

Each range echoes the Parisian way of dressing, encompassing classic staples mixed with memorable luxe pieces whilst offering an air of effortless style – a certain je ne sais quoi. Our silks are our classic line, available in ivory and black, with seasonal colour injections; a wardrobe investment. Our laces are purchased in minimal runs and we hand craft each individual item with purpose. Each lace garment is a rare, limited edition piece.

Our umbrella company For the Love of Grace is a design and manufacture company working for several successful brands. For the Love of Grace, the label, was also an offering of beautiful bridesmaid dresses made from French lace in delectable colour palettes and romantic styles.

In 2018, the founders discovered that high quality ethically-made dresses in luxurious yet limited fabrics at an achievable retail seemed to be missing. The desire to fill the gap was their calling. This was the drive behind the new label, THE LOVE OF GRACE.

The Founders


For Sally, the Creative Director of THE LOVE OF GRACE, her childhood infused in her everything she loves about textiles, lingerie and pattern making. She was introduced to embroidery and beautiful laces by her Grandmother, with much of their time together spent sewing and creating. Later, France was where she discovered an array of lace suppliers that captured her imagination, and after moving to Australia, she spent many years designing and producing luxe lingerie under her namesake label. Sally Jones Lingerie had global success. During this time, her daughter Megan had the inspiration to start a bridal brand, and they worked together to fulfil Megan’s dream. Sally and her team have spent nearly a decade designing and manufacturing for this phenomenal brand.

Sally’s ethos is all about filling precious days with design, family, beaching, hiking, travelling, animals, people and planet.  Whilst running a close-knit team, Sally has always been hands on at the heart of the business – creating, draping, pattern making, cutting and sewing alongside her staff, bringing out the best in us with her cheeky sense of humour, approachability and genuine love for her craft.


Tara comes from a long line of dressmakers in her family, who instilled in her a love of crafting. This led to the creation of her own label, selling cotton dresses to over 20 stockists Australia-wide. During this time she was invited by Sally to do some work experience on her lingerie label, Sally Jones Lingerie.

Tara started by designing small collections of lingerie, and as the lingerie brand transformed into bridal over the years and the company quickly grew she has never looked back. Tara’s favourite parts of the job are designing, as well as problem solving whilst pattern making and during fit sessions. She also loves the people side of managing a team of over 50 staff and external sewers.


Penny studied fashion and lingerie design in Leicester, England, then came to Australia for work experience with Sally’s lingerie label after graduating. After returning home to England and working as a lingerie designer she crossed paths with Sally regularly at trade exhibitions across Europe over the years, but in the back of her mind, Penny always wanted to return to Australia. That dream was fulfilled in 2013. The timing was perfect in that Sally’s company was exploding and she needed another Design Manager. Penny was the perfect fit. She loves yoga, hiking, travelling and being outdoors.

The three designers all share a love for the creative side of their roles. They all work well together, constantly bouncing ideas off each other, with a sense of genius mixed with hilarity, and good old fashioned hard work.  



“The afternoon that I met Sally I remember clearly being completely dumbfounded by this inspiring woman and her extraordinary lingerie label and the exquisite fabrics and designs. Sally gave me an opportunity to design a few pieces for a capsule collection and I never looked back. I was completely obsessed and now she couldn’t get rid of me even if she tried.”


The Dress

“Our aim is to create beautiful garments that can be loved, well cared for and worn again and again. That’s the way that people should shop for clothes and we really want to encourage it.


Having spent time in Paris, Sally was inspired by French women, their uncompromising style and their ability to collate a wardrobe of carefully selected pieces.  Parisian women are often celebrated for an effortless style that is built around memorable pieces and core staples. It’s a way of dressing that touches on trends in a subtle way, but the looks are refined and classic, with items that can be worn season after season. We have found ourselves gravitating towards this way of dressing and designing. Modernity in fashion is about having options and doing what works for you.

The design process starts with us sourcing the most beautiful fabrics and trims, and then creating sketches and concepts to bring those fabrics to life. It is always the lace that leads to the inspiration of the design. Each garment is meticulously sewn and quality controlled with care, then packaged in our Burleigh studio before it arrives in your hands. 

Our pieces are timeless, classic, beautiful, and versatile, making them a lifetime addition to your wardrobe. We dare to design the future.

The Textiles

“For me, fabrics and colours are like my meditation, my comfort, that’s why it never feels like work to design and surround myself with my favourite fabrics and textures of the season.”


Our unique laces are sourced from around the world. We only select laces, silks and trims that we truly love, and some of our fabrics are uniquely vintage, providing a short run of precious pieces per style. This provides us with the rare ability to offer limited luxury.

Our silks have a liquid quality about them, and the skirts are made from 40mm heavier silk blended with viscose to minimise transparency in the ivory and achieve a beautiful drape. Our obsession with silk doesn’t end with its beauty. Silk naturally regulates your temperature, as well as being the most hypoallergenic on your skin of all the fabrics. We love that silk moulds to the body, falling over your curves after a few minutes of wearing the fabric, and despite its delicate appearance and lustrous finish it is robust and resists soil. Silk has certainly earned her reputation as the Queen of fabrics.

The People

At THE LOVE OF GRACE there is an understanding that you don’t have to sacrifice a certain level of luxury and beauty for a higher purpose, knowing that you are supporting local designers and manufacturing.

The intention to build a community of traditional makers is at our very essence. Our team is made up of a group of designers and dressmakers with a collective global experience, some of whom have been with Sally since the beginning of her career.

Our dressmakers build dresses from the heart. Woven into the garments are tales of their makers and the careful sourcing of materials for our designers to produce pieces that are sound and considered, both in design and ethics.

Meet the makers.

“We never feel like we are coming to work and each of us has a true love for beautiful yet sustainable fashion that we all share with each other. We want to share that with the world.”  – Leah, GARMENT TECHNICIAN

“I consider myself very lucky to be able to work in an industry I love and be surrounded by like-minded, passionate, hard working, (and slightly crazy) women!”


The Studio

We are proud to produce every garment in Australia in our light-filled studio near the golden beaches of Burleigh. 

Having our own factory at our fingertips allows us to be immediately proactive in our ideas, and we are able to make immediate changes to patterns and alter our samples in the middle of a fit session. The designers are involved in every part of the process, upholding their integrity and creativity from concept to delivery. In this way, our vision and quality are never compromised.

“I still remember my first day when everyone was having lunch together and I instantly fell in love with the culture. I’d never seen or felt that connection in a workplace before.” – Krizelle, JUNIOR DESIGNER

Our Responsibility

People and planet will always be a driving force behind what we do. We are entirely transparent about our supply chain, and it’s easy to do this when we craft everything from our own atelier in Australia. We, as individuals, support local brands and makers, thereby supporting their families and communities. We love being able to bring empowerment to a community of women. We invest in slow fashion and timeless garments.

At THE LOVE OF GRACE, we hold ourselves and our fabric suppliers accountable to the highest standard of factory conditions. Every team member is valued and engaged, respected and celebrated. We build strong personal relationships with each of our sewers; they too are a part of our family. This involvement ensures integrity every step of the way.

As consumers, we have become increasingly conscious about our purchases. A changing climate and polluted planet aren’t something we take lightly, and we are determined to do our bit. 

If we can channel the power of our vocalized objections into action by purchasing ethically, we can each make a positive difference for the people involved in the making of our clothes and goods. The manufacture process, approval process and supply chain can be so long that often companies don’t know who is creating their garments or the conditions in which they are made. We vow to stop being part of the problem.

“We all are a small part of a bigger picture and every individual can make a difference. Doing all that we can to be sustainable at work and at home is entrenched in everything we do. It’s just part of our working life now.”